But the Hebrew word timshel—'Thou mayest'—that gives a choice. For if 'Thou mayest'—it is also true that 'Thou mayest not.' That makes a man great and that gives him stature with the gods, for in his weakness and his filth and his murder of his brother he has still the great choice. He can choose his course and fight it through and win."

John Steinbeck

„East of Eden”


Karolina Isio Kurpińska
I strongly believe that every person enjoys the right to choose their own path and the freedom to pursue happiness. I am also well aware that times may come when that path is hard, when freedom becomes a heavy burden and choices seem impossible to make. At such moments the opportunity to talk to another person, to see your own reflection in them, to receive support, is of great value. It is for such moments that I decided to become a psychotherapist. In my therapeutic practice I focus on building a relationship in which the person coming to me with their difficulties feels safe, accepted and heard. I work with people in need of support in difficult experiences: loss of a loved one, fighting an illness, major life changes including a pregnancy, parenting, change or loss of employment, difficulty in a relationship. I focus on working with parents at all stages of their experience: when trying to conceive, during pregnancy as well as in newborn and infant care (mood alterations and post-partum depression, difficulty nursing, changes to the relationship after birth), up to relationship and upbringing issues with teenagers. My experience includes support to parents of preemies and babies with disabilities. I work in the person-centered, humanistic approach. I am enrolled with a four-year psychotherapy training program at the School of Psychotherapy of the INTRA Psychological Education and Assistance Centre (recommendation of the Polish Psychological Association). I have also completed a post-graduate program at the Warsaw University Department of Psychology, entitled „Positive psychology in practice – psychosocial skills trainer”, as well as a basic training in Solution-Focused Therapy. I also attend regular supervision. Let’s meet.

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Are you confronted with problems, struggling with difficulties, searching for a solution? Let me help you!


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Person-Centred therapy

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Types of therapy and their prices

Individual therapy 160 PLN/50 minutes

An individual meeting with the therapist – both short- and long-term therapy.

For persons experiencing problems, reduced mood, depression. At challenging and/or decisive moments in life: loss of a loved one, challenges of pregnancy and parenting, professional difficulties, a new job.

Individual therapy is also a good decision for those who may not experience problems or suffering, but who would like to feel better, find happiness and fulfillment.

A couple meeting with the therapist.

A close relationship with another person is necessary for happiness. Close relationships may also be the source of frustration and suffering. If there is trouble or conflict in your relationship and you cannot communicate well, if you feel that you have lost that „spark” that made you feel good together – working on the relationship is well worth your time.  The therapist will help you understand the source of your problems and will support you in your search for the best way of resolving them.

Couples therapy 200 PLN/50 minutes

Parenting consultation

200 PLN/50 minutes

A meeting of the parent or parents with the therapist, possibly also a meeting of the whole family. 

We love our children and wish all the best for them, but being a parent is not easy. If you feel that you cannot cope with your child’s difficult behavior, or perhaps with your own reactions; if you cannot communicate with your teenager; if you have other parenting problems  - let’s talk about it.

I also support parents in building their bond with a newborn, so if you wish to better understand your newborn baby, learn how to communicate with it and strengthen your parenting skills – together we can observe your baby using the Neonatal Behavioral Assessment Scale developed by dr. Brazelton, and following the observation we can discuss  anything you find difficult or worrying.

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